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Coloring your hair is a very simple and fun way to change up your look. Some great examples of celebrities changing their looks with their hair just so happen to be sisters and they are Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner.

Earlier this year when Kim Kardashian colored her hair blonde, she got a lot of attention. It was surely a lot different from her long hair extensions. Her younger sister, whose natural hair is dark brown, has also dyed her hair different shades of blue in the past. Kylie influenced a lot people to attempt short hair extensions colors that aren't as common.

When you are trying to change up your hair, it is very important to think about a color that will best suit you and your style. Finding inspiration in celebrities is great for trying something new, but no two looks are going to be the same. Think of it as more of an inspiration than a duplication. Some of the most common colors for people to dye their hair extensions cost are brown, black, and lightening their hair up to a blonde color.

Brown - If you have naturally purple hair extensions, or really light hair, coloring your hair brown can be an easy way to change up your look. It can brighten you hair up if it is darker. This can lighten up your overall look if you want to slowly transition into lighter colors.

Black - Black is the most common color to dye your hair. This is a perfect way to subtly change up your look. It gives you a dark and sultry look, and will go perfectly with whatever style you love, and wont interfere with your outfits, ever.

Blonde - Blonde is a great color for people who want a drastic change quickly. It is surely eye catching and can be customized to your individual style. You can tone it and make it less brassy and more platinum or you can leave it the way that it is to give it a more natural appearance. When going blonde, it is also very easy to transition into other bright and bold colors that are very on trend now.

Teal, Green, Blue - These three colors have become increasingly popular in the media within the past year or so. The best way to try these bright and unusual colors is to leave your roots dark or to only color the bottom portions of your hair.

Using brown hair extensions to temporarily change your hair color is a great way of testing out something before committing to it. There are hair extensions in any color that you could possible think of, from the basic, brown, black, blondes, and reds, all the way to more extreme colors such as green, blue, teal, mint, purple, and pink.