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Amazing Me reached out to me personally recently and offered us a set of their ponytail hair extensions in return for a review of their item on my blog. I was wanting to accept their offer simply because they have one product in particular which I wanted to try: a clip-in ponytail extension. I've possessed a full set of hair extensions (from Sally's) for two years and We wear them frequently, but what There really is is that I really only put them on one way: in a ponytail.

All of this time I've been putting in 3 rows clip-in indian hair extensions, after that pulling my hair back to a ponytail. It appeared like it would be much easier to clip in only one ponytail and I wished to put my theory towards the test. I selected the actual 14" ponytail (the quickest option available) in Platinum eagle Blonde because that colour looked closest to my own tresses.

Before I even attemptedto use the ponytail, I viewed this YouTube Tutorial for any little help since the hair styling skills are not the very best. By the time I did this by myself, I forgot her last step of wrapping an item of the hair around the ribbon. If only I had done that simply because I think it would have appeared a little nicer than the bows looks on its own.

About 95% of the time that I wear the ponytail extension, I toss a hat on top too. It makes the slight shade difference between my human hair and my extensions much less noticeable, and it makes for a shorter design time since I don't have to be worried about keeping the rest of my curly virgin hair extensions nice and smooth or even hair styling my bangs. Plus, we are going to outdoors in the sun a lot within San Diego and I appreciate the protection from the sun.If you're follically challenged such as me and have thought about obtaining extensions or a ponytail expansion, here's my take on the good qualities and cons of the 2 options I have:



Quality. The hair from the Irresistible Me ponytail seems softer and silkier compared to Euronext extensions. It also appears thicker and prettier for me.

Price. The clip-in ponytail is less expensive than most models of (good quality) complete extensions.Ease of Use. Clipping 1 ponytail around your own ponytail is a bit easier and quicker than adding multiple lines of extensions and then putting all that into a ponytail.

Comfort. This really is much more comfortable for me to wear compared to full clip-ins.


Protection. I tested out our hair extensions prices in a dancing class. I thought it would be enjoyable to have a nice full ponytail for some hairography. And it had been! Until it fell out on the ground halfway through the first program! (Womp womp. ) Actually, it was a pretty active course, but then I wore the particular ponytail hiking and it dropped out in the parking lot once I was trying to adjust this hat. My clip-ins have not fallen out. There might be any trick to getting this ponytail installed more securely however I just haven't figured it yet.

The Ribbon. I believe the purpose of the ribbon is actually additional security, but if which is case it didn't get the job done for me, and I found it just a little fussy to get it covered around the ponytail and linked correctly. Like I stated, I don't have the best frizzy hair skills so this might not be a problem for other people or it might get easier with exercise, but that was my get after my first a couple of uses.